Species Guide: Mimix

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Mimix are a closed species belonging to Midveil!
You cannot make your own without a MYO slot.


If energy cannot be created nor destroyed, where do our souls go when our earthly vessels can no longer contain them? This species occurs when a corrupted soul takes hold of a vessel that is not quite ready. The fusion results in the unholy amalgamation of soul and flesh known as a mimix. Some souls and vessels are more powerful than others, and can resist being overtaken. Small creatures like insects and fish are easier to take over than animals with a stronger life force such as reptilians, birds, and mammals. The closer to death a creature is, the more likely its vessel is to be taken.

Whereas most species in Midveil have worked alongside humans in the past, Mimix present themselves as neither good nor evil. Without an inborn sense of duties to mankind, Mimix are the most freespirited of all Midveilers. These creatures enjoy wayfaring and adventuring, and often travel in caravans. Mimix are greedy by nature, and enjoy collecting treasure and accumulating wealth.

Cursed Mimix

Despite being greedy by nature, most mimix eventually know when to stop. Mimix with a particularly strong sense of avarice may seek to overtake more and more vessels to fuse with. This action does not go unpunished, and the resulting creatures are monstrous in appearance. If a mimix becomes too powerful, its presence can become strong enough to cross over into earth for brief periods of time. Cursed mimix are often known as “cryptids” on earth. Due to the sheer amount of trapped vessels under a cursed mimix’s control, their gems are extremely fragile. In an effort to preserve themselves, cursed mimix travel alone, or in small packs of their own kind.

Making Your Own

Mimix are one of the most versatile species in Midveil. The base Mimix has a tall sleek body. Their hands are padded and leathery. They have longer dragon-like snouts. A mimix appearance reflects the animal it has fused with.

  1. Choose an animal. Mimix are divided by class. Choose an animal that falls under the class of your MYO. This will be the base of your pelt.
  2. Sketch your design! The base mimix will follow the anatomy shown above. Mimix can have a variety of body shapes. Your mimix can be slender or portly. Feel free to use the above image to trace over for your own design!
  3. Design the pelt. The pelt will reflect the “mimicked animal.” A fox mimix may have a bushy tail and pricked ears. You are not restricted by the colors of the animals you choose. You may use unnatural colors if you’d like. Make sure the traits you choose match the animal you have chosen. A cat mimix will not have scales.
  4. Choose a trait for your mimix class. You may use one or all of the traits your mimix’ class is known for.
  5. Design the soul gem. Soul gems are usually hidden in discrete areas, though not always! Your soul gem can be any shape or color.
  6. Submit for approval. A mod will review your design in 2-3 days!

The Pelt

A Mimix’s fusion with its vessel results in its defining trait, known as a pelt. There are two types of pelts: Detached Crowns and Full Pelts. Ears and tails vary vastly on the animal a mimix is mimicking.

A detached crown starts at the head and juts out from the body. The crown can be short or long. Longer crowns often replace the tail, trailing behind the body. Growths can still appear down the back of mimix. Ex: A goldfish mimix with a detached crown. Its growth mimics the appearance of a goldfish’s body.

A full pelt trails from the top of the head down the back and occasionally around the chest. Pelts vary drastically from each individual, and will reflect the vessel’s appearance pre-fusion. Pelts have a clear separation from the Mimix’s main body, almost appearing as if they are wearing it. Ex: A red fox mimix with a full pelt down the back. Its ears mimic a fox, and thick fur covers it.


Each class of Mimix has its own unique traits, detailed in the section below. A MYO must have at least one trait from its assigned class.

Insect Class

Insect-type Mimix are the most common classification, with insects being the easiest vessels to overtake in a battle of souls. These mimix often present with horn growths, mandibles, or multiple sets of arms. Their pelts are made up of hard carapace. Mimix based on winged insects may grow wings from their back, or crown, depending on their pelt type!

Aquatic Class

The aquatic class consists of fish, amphibians, and fully-aquatic mammals (dolphins, whales). This class is known for seafaring, and typically settled around large bodies of water. Aquatic mimix often present with vestigial fins, throat pouches, and specialized arms made for swimming. Their pelts are made up of either blubber or smooth scales.

Reptilian Class

Reptilian mimix are cold-blooded by nature, and prefer sunbathing to cold climates. They often present with specialized mouths, forked tongues and clawed hands. Their pelts are made up of scales.

Avian Class

The avian-class mimix are the most free-spirited of all classes thanks to their flying abilities. In recent years, some avian mimix have occasionally settled down in jollybean cities to sell their accumulated treasures. Avian mimix often present with beaks, specialized feet, and specialized arms for flying. Their pelts are made up of feathers.

Mammalian Class

Mammal-class mimix are of the rarest variety, with mammals having particularly strong life force. These mimix are typically the largest of the ordinary classes and encompass land mammals or mammals that live partially on land. They present with muzzles, manes, and paw pads (instead of the traditional leathery pads.) Their pelts are often made up from fur.

Cursed Class

Cursed mimix started out from an average vessel, but as they collect more and more vessels, their form mutates into something far more monstrous and insidious. A lot of the creatures humans know as cryptids and mythical beasts are actually out-of-control cursed mimix.

(Images coming soon)

Soul Gems

On the body of every Mimix is a trait known as a “soul gem.” These small, crystalline growths are the point where a Mimix entered its host. Soul gems are often found in discrete locations on the body. These gems are the source of a mimix’s life force, and if cracked, the mimix will revert to its most basic form and be forced to find a new vessel. These gems come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.


Mimix have a host of special mutation items, including the elusive naga trait. (Coming soon)