Important Notice

Important Notice:
We will be sending the following communication out via email as well as posting on Discord but wanted to make sure we are communicating through all avenues:

It has been recently brought to our attention that on or around July 9th, 2022 the users table in our database was accessed by an unauthorized third party. The information involved includes the login username, email, and hashed password of all users who signed up before the date above. As we only store the hashed version of a password, your passwords and accounts are safe and no suspicious account activity has been seen in our logs. Breaches of this nature are typically intended to gain username & password combinations that users may have used on other platforms rather than to access your Strudel Cafe account specifically.

We are currently taking steps to increase security and auditing capabilities to mitigate potential future incursions; there may be some unscheduled downtime if necessary. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work to improve the site and our processes.

While passwords are hashed and secured according to best practices, out of an abundance of caution we recommend updating your Strudel Cafe password. This can be accomplished from the Edit Account Info button seen directly after logging in, or you can click here. We also recommend avoiding using the same username and password combinations across multiple sites and you should always change your passwords on a regular basis.

Added note: For more detail, our process for securing your passwords includes salting & hashing which both obscures your password in the database and prevents it from being cracked even if the hash is obtained. A (relatively) simple explanation of the process can be found here for those who would like to learn more about how it works!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2022-10-11 13:03:45

October Newsletter

Happy October!

As per usual, please check out our Winner’s Showcase to see last month’s winners.

EVENT: Imposter Trick-or-Treating
October's newest Halloween event, featuring a brand new NPC: a nightmare jollybean named Smiley with an irksome talent for shapeshifting! All of the notable residents of Cafe Central are handing out treats for Halloween... but someone is not who they seem. As you collect your daily treats, be on the lookout for any clues that the NPC is not who they appear to be. Who is the Midveil Imposter? Click here to start trick-or-treating!


EVENT: Drawtober
Drawtober has been updated with a new set of prompts! This year's theme is AESTHETICS. Check it out here!


The event shop for Shipwrecked has been extended to 11:59 PM tonight (10/1). Click here to visit & use up any remaining tokens!

All activities have been rolled over and are ready for the new month!
Featured Midveilers to be added once we hear back from this month’s winners

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2022-10-01 17:23:37

Fall Rollover (Late)

Seasonal rollover is complete and it is officially AUTUMN in Midveil!

Trees have been cut down for the season and orchards cleared for lumber.
Autumn seeds/saplings/starters are now appropriately purchasable from the Farmer's Market!
Part-Timing has been updated with new prompts.


NOTE: The rollover finalization/orchard clear-out was a bit belated so any trees planted since autumn began were left standing!

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2022-09-24 11:25:01

Shipwrecked Discard Open

The discard option for Shipwrecked has opened! Please keep in mind this will discard ALL tokens in your inventory, so be sure to spend any you'd like to use on specific shop items before discarding.

The Shipwrecked Shop will close on September 30th at 11:59PM.

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2022-09-10 16:45:08

Shipwrecked Prize Shop Open

The prize shop has opened for Shipwrecked, time to spend your dubloons! A maximum of 5 of each item may be purchased (aside from the fishing junk items in Miscellany) and a discard will open in a week for any excess tokens!

The discard will open sometime on 9/10 so keep an eye on the news that day!

Nessie Treasure Chests have also been sent to participants of the final monster.

By The Strudel Team | Posted 2022-09-04 15:56:48