Species Guide: Thimblets

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Thimblets are a closed species belonging to Midveil!
You cannot make your own without a MYO slot.

Household Thimblets

The most common type of thimblet, born from a singular “origin scrap”. Household thimblets are migrating into strudel cities more and more in recent years, and are extremely renowned for their sewing and construction abilities! Thimblets tend to remain close to human civilizations. Some speculate that it has something to do with nostalgia for their former lives.

Notable traits: Constructed of a singular “scrap”. At least half of their body is fabric in origin. Most common are sweaters and tops.

Hoarder Thimblets

While most thimblets are born from a singular scrap, hoarders are born from multiple scraps. As a result, their personalities tend to be a jumble of multiple people, causing them to act rather eclectic! They are renowned as high level magic users and may habitually seek out even more scraps to add to their collection.

Notable traits: At least three separate fabric scraps construct their bodies. One or multiple pairs can be used as limbs.

Kigurumi Thimblets

Born from children’s costumes, these tiny little thimblets are incredibly playful by nature! Their bodies tend to display unique features depending on their costume of origin. Kigu thimblets are especially common during the winter months, after Halloween has passed and children’s costumes are discarded and forgotten, left to collect dust.

Notable traits: Long torsos with shorter legs. Notably smaller than the other subspecies! Usually hooded.

Ghost Thimblets

A ghost thimblet is born when an actual human soul becomes trapped in the “origin scrap”. Ghosts arrive in Midveil bound to their place of passing, and can only remember flashes of their past lives. Only upon fully recovering their memory will they be free to leave and begin roaming their strange new world. Awakened ghosts have full knowledge of their past human lives.

Notable traits: Oversized clawed hands. The largest subspecies of Thimblet. Appearance may reflect cause of death.

You can read more about Ghost Thimblets in the Ghost and Were Thimblet Guide!

Thimblet Rarities

Household Thimblet Slot

Household Rarity

Household thimblets are born from a singular scrap.

  • Examples: Sweater, tops, pants, coats, shoes, etc.
  • Lingerie (and other suggestive clothing), as well as offensive clothing is not allowed.
Hoarder Thimblet Slot

Hoarder Rarity

Hoarder thimblets are constructed out of at least three separate fabric scraps.

  • Examples: patchwork clothing, layered clothing, quilts, multiple fabrics with similar themes, etc
Kigurumi Thimblet Slot

Kigu Rarity

Kigu thimblets are born from costumes or stuffed animals.

  • Examples: costumes, uniforms, plush animals, dolls, etc.
  • Sexual or offensive costumes are not allowed.
Ghost Thimblet Slot

Ghost Rarity

Ghost thimblets are born from a human soul becoming trapped in it's "scrap".

  • They can resemble any subspecies but their bodies usually reflect the cause of death. They also have large, clawed hands.
  • Ghost-only scraps include taxidermy, burnt or damaged scraps, etc.

Making your own Thimblet

Thimblets traits are not restricted by rarity! You can use any of these traits on your MYO, within the limitations set by the guide! Please refer to each trait's description for what you can and can't use!

Creating a Ghost/Were Thimblet? You can read the Ghost/Were Thimblet Guide for more information!

If you are unsure about your scrap or traits, you can message the Thimblet mod using the Mod Directory!

Thimblet Traits Thimblet Traits

Trait-related Questions

Can my household thimblet have a hood/pockets/etc?

Yes! As long as it's part of your origin scrap, you can give your thimblet a working hood, pockets, etc!

Can my thimblet wear accessories? Can I remove my thimblets accessories?

Your thimblet can wear accessories, so long as it's clear that they are removable, and not fixed to the body. You can add bows, hats, etc. In addition, accessories are free to remove whenever!

Can I give my thimblet claws?

Kigu thimblets may have small felt claws, if their origin scrap contains claws! These claws are still soft and are made of fabric. Ghosts are an exception as they have larger fabric claws!

Can my kigu thimblet have (tail/ear/horn)?

Kigu thimblets are special in that their horns, ears, and tail can mimic that of their origin scrap. They don't have to use the established thimblet traits and can adopt traits closer to their origin scraps. For example, a lion kigu thimblet may have lion shaped ears and a mane! Remember that while the traits can be special, the overall anatomy of the thimblet must remain the same and still resemble thimblets!

Can thimblets have button or embroidered eyes? Can they have heterochromia?

Yes to both!

What mutations can my Thimblet have?

Some mutations, such as wings, can be applied to a Thimblet. To find out what mutations are applicable to Thimblets, you can look up the mutation item in the Item Catalogue!

Thimblets can also visit Stick N Poke and roll for a curse mutation, pet, or even a Ghost token! You can check out the Stick N Poke Guide for more information on each curse!

Do kigu thimblets have to have hoods? Do the hoods always have to be up?

No to both! Kigu thimblets that are designed after stuffed animal/ plushie scrap do not have to have hoods at all. A kigu that has a hood, does not have to have its hood up at all times either!

Can Thimblets be born of non-cotton/fiber/etc based clothing such as furs or leather?

Of course! Polyester, leather, fur, canvas, cotton, silk, plastic, etc is all fair game if it was used to create a fabric/clothing!

How do I redesign my thimblet?

If you'd like to redesign your Thimblet, you'll need to purchase a redesign item applicable to the part you'd like to redesign. You can purchase them at Makeshift's Bazaar!